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Vince Vaughn Attacked After Being Seen Talking And Shaking Hands With Trump At Football Game

Last night, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump drew massive cheers and a lengthy “USA” chant during the college football national championship.

When they headed back to their private box seats to enjoy the game, actor Vince Vaughn greeted them and appeared to enjoy talking and shaking hands with Trump.

And when liberals on Twitter discovered the long-time actor having a cordial conversation with the president, they excoriated him to no end.

The person who posted the video said, “I’m very sorry to have to share this video with you. All of it, every part of it.”


One Twitter user was confused, asking, “Why, exactly, would you be sorry about an American actor getting to meet and shake hands with his President?”

Another said the video poster is “in the minority” and “losing” over things like his caption.

“There are two groups of ppl in America. It’s not democrats and republicans, it’s people that want to get along and people who don’t. There are way more ppl that want to get along than not. You’re in the minority and you’re losing,” one person responded.

But the left enjoyed piling on Vaughn.

“Whelp… that tells me all I need to know about Vince Vaughn,” one said, adding a puking emoji.

Another got far more serious, writing, “All of you saying calm down, Vaughn is shaking the hand of the man who is hell bent on destroying not just our democracy, but our survival in the world community, for his personal benefit. Wake up!”

One simply said, “I am legit disappointed.”

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