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Dept. Of Education Had 4,300 Workers When DeVos Took Over. Here’s How Many She’s Cut.

The size of government has grown all too fast, all too quickly over the recent decades. However, with President Donald Trump in office — and his penchant for saying “You’re fired!” to anybody and everybody over the years — conservatives have been hopeful that the rampant growth of the federal government would slow down, stall, or even be cut back.

And that’s exactly what Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has done.

According to the Washington Examiner, DeVos began her time as secretary overseeing 4,300 government employees. In just a few years, she’s managed to slice and dice the department to where there are now 3,700 employees.

Yes, the Department of Education has 600 less employees than it did a few years ago — a milestone and victory for conservatives looking to put education back in the hands of the states and out of the hands of the federal government.

In fact, DeVos promised that these massive cuts are only just the beginning for the department, saying that she’s “long advocated for the notion that it would be great to work myself out of a job.”

The nomination process she had to go through was quite a fiasco.

During her time in front of a panel of senators, she was drilled by Democrats on her qualifications, with many asking politically-charged questions that had nothing to do with the education job she was vying for.

She was eventually approved as the GOP was able to edge out the partisan divide on the committee. Since then, she has quietly worked to cut unnecessary government roles and spending. With 600 jobs wiped out, it’s a great start — and we can’t wait to see how much of the federal department of education has been transferred to jurisdictions of states.

Do you think that Betsy DeVos has done a satisfactory job as education secretary? Let us know in the comments below.


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