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White House Bashes Pelosi For Stalling Senate Trial: ‘She’s Taken Her Toys And Gone Home’

The White House didn’t respond kindly on Sunday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s unprecedented delay tactic in holding up a Senate impeachment trial for President Donald Trump, accusing the Speaker of “overplaying” her hand.

As The Hill reported, White House spokesperson Stephanie Grisham told Fox News’ Fox & Friends that Pelosi’s surprise delay is setting a “dangerous” precedent for America and future presidents.

“I mean, this is dangerous for our country,” Grisham said. “And I think the American people know that. So I think there are no – there is nothing good about anything with this process, let alone her holding onto things.”

Grisham went on to accuse Pelosi of knowing that the House didn’t present a strong enough case for impeachment and that it was driven by partisan politics. She also pointed out that Pelosi is well aware of the fact that Trump will likely be quickly exonerated in a Senate trial, given the upper chamber is controlled by top Trump Republican allies.

“And she knows that when it gets over to the Senate, there will be actual evidence introduced and actual witnesses that will show even more that this president did nothing wrong,” she said. “So now she’s just going to hold on to these things. It’s like she’s taken her toys and gone home.”

She slammed House Democrats for throwing America into a state of “chaos” without a good reason to do so.

Pelosi argues that the delay is to ensure fair rules are negotiated for the upcoming Senate trial, which will reportedly be held sometime in January, maybe. Both Senate leaders, Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, met on Friday to begin the process of rule negotiation, but didn’t make any progress as talks reportedly broke down after only 20 minutes.

Trump made headlines earlier this week after claiming that Pelosi is initiating a form of “quid pro quo” by withholding the impeachment process from the Senate in exchange for more favorable rules for Democrats.

Let us know in the comments if you believe Pelosi has essentially “taken her toys and gone home” as she holds up the Senate impeachment trial. And don’t forget to vote in our daily poll below!


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