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Woman Crashes MSNBC Reporter’s Live Interview On Impeachment: ‘A Bunch Of Liars!’

Reporters from every network always face the possibility of ending up the target of angry onlookers, but when you’re a member of one of the most despised cable news media networks in the country, according to most conservatives, the odds of encountering resistance are even higher.

That’s what one MSNBC reporter experienced while reporting from Capitol Hill on the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, according to The Daily Caller.

As MSNBC’s Garret Haake attempted to provide his analysis of the day’s happenings with regard to impeachment business, a woman began taunting him and photobombing his live shot, causing a bit of awkwardness for the reporter, even though the anchor he was speaking to told him to keep going.

“We’ve got some friendly extra folks here this afternoon,” Haake said as he attempted, unsuccessfully, to move away from the woman.

The woman reportedly said that MSNBC is “a bunch of liars!” and stated “I don’t know how you look at yourself in the mirror. Shame!”

You can see it all in the video below.

Nicole Wallace, who was the studio anchor talking to Haake, gave her take on the situation.

“Garrett, I want to say two things. One, you guys are the real heroes, doing your jobs outside the comforts of climate controlled studios and handling with grace people who have strong feelings about the press,” Wallace said as she began to wrap the segment.

Given how upset many seem to be with the long, drawn out impeachment investigation into the president, this probably won’t be the first time that angry citizens make their voices heard by whatever means necessary.



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